accsyn Software

Fast and secure filesharing


Originally developed as FilmHUB, being a part of the Filmgate VFX pipeline and handling 100% of the file transfers,
Accsyn (Accelerated Data Synchronisation Software) has now grown into a standalone commercial software service.

Accsyn is a MFT (managed file transfer) software, replacing (S)FTP with high security, an accelerated file transfer protocol and a simplistic yet powerful Pyton API, enabling complex workflow integrations.

Thanks to Accsyn, Filmgate Films has been able to grow beyond boundaries internationally, bringing our customers and subcontractors closer to our workflow in a secure and controlled way. By reducing almost all administrative work when it comes to file deliveries over the Internet, Accsyn has helped Filmgate build a virtual online office, erasing the limitations that usually occur when you have resources spread all over the world.

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