producers of REnowned
and awarded  film & tv

In just over 5 years, Filmgate Films has worked on 25 international feature films. We can be relied on to provide first class productions on time and on budget. As well as being involved in several major TV series, we have established commercial and corporate partnerships with several well known global brands.

Filmgate Films works on projects of varying sizes, from smaller independent projects to larger studio films, continually delivering high end productions with a strong creative integrity while providing tailor-made, common sense solutions to match most budgets.

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Filmgate Productions has both the experience and the resources to help with the following:
    •    Funding
    •    Production planning, budgeting and scheduling
    •    Experienced scouts to find locations that match requirements
    •    Professional and internationally experienced crews
    •    Casting
    •    Equipment Rentals
    •    Sound Stages / Studio rentals
    •    Accommodation